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Found in 2010 and based in the Bronx, Local Celebrity Theatre is a not-for-profit theatre group dedicated to educating, entertaining and inspiring the community. LCT strives to ignite and cultivate a passion for the arts in individuals while promoting volunteerism and compassion. 

 LCT brings a wide variety of productions to the stage and donates time and proceeds to various charities such as, March of Dimes, MDA and the Make-A-Wish Foundation throughout the seasons.

Letter From The President

Local Celebrity Theatre is much more than just another community theatre group.

The reason I wanted to start a theatre group, is simply that I love theatre. But for me, it's not only about being on stage.

When I was a kid, I was incredibly shy. I used to dread going to school every day because I was always made fun of by the other kids. It wasn't until I got to High School, that I found something that made me feel like I belonged. I got involved in Theatre, as a Sophomore, and it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I started to break out of my shell and I became more and more popular. I went into High School as a nerdy kid that no one spoke to and graduated as Senior Class President. I made a ton of friends, most of which I keep in touch with to this day (some of which are assisting me with this Theatre Group).

Since then, I have Directed several performances, and starred in many others. I have been involved with some of the fantastic community theatre groups that we have here in the Bronx; such as the City Island Theater Group and Bronx Spotlight Theater. These groups have put on many wonderful performances throughout the years, and they have my complete support in the future. 

Starting Local Celebrity Theatre is a chance for me to give back. People often ask me "Why don't you go to the City to audition?" and the answer is simple, though many people don't understand. I do not want to be a Broadway star. I absolutely love to perform and direct, but that's not enough for me. I want to make a difference. I want to inspire people. I want to provide opportunities for people to learn, and grow.

Now, I am not claiming to be the be-all-end-all of theatre. I do not have professional credentials, but what I do have is a love for theatre, a love for other people, a positive attitude and the drive and determination to make a difference in our community, and in the lives of all of those who choose to be a part of Local Celebrity Theatre.

That's why Local Celebrity Theatre will be extremely involved in community events, and charity functions. LCT is all about having a positive impact on our community!

Thank you all for your interest and support. And a special thanks to all those who have helped make this dream of mine a reality. This is just the beginning, and I can't wait to see where LCT is headed.


Chris Manetakis


Local Celebrity Theatre

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